Collection: Van Koji

Used in Japan for centuries as a seasoning or ingredient, Shio Koji has seen resurgence in popularity in recent years with the increased interest in fermented foods. The enzymes contained in shio koji break down proteins to pull out umami flavors and this process also contributes to tenderizing meat and fish. The enzymes also decompose starches to draw out the sweetness from ingredients.
Benefits of Shio-Koji: First, it is very tasty. It is a natural pro-biotic seasoning. Brings the same saltiness with Half the sodium. Contains minerals, fiber and vitamins. Aids in digestion and good for general health.
Known to be an all-purpose seasoning, shio koji can be the multi-tasking seasoning in your kitchen. Shio Koji’s convenience is another reason this traditional ingredient recaptured the spotlight in Japan. Shio Koji can be simply poured onto meat or fish as a marinade or added as a sauce or finishing touch. It can also be used in place of salt by substituting two teaspoons of shio koji for every teaspoon of salt.

We recommend 2 tablespoons per 1 pound of meat, best to marinade overnight in the fridge.


  1. 修復肌膚抗衰老:對於女性來說,鹽麴是吃得到的護膚品。因為內有活性酵素,可以修復肌膚細胞,抑制皮膚老化。
  2. 助排毒增免疫力:鹽麴發酵好菌,有益於腸胃。在製作過程中,會產生多種有機酸及益生菌,從而可以調整腸道健康,同時有助排毒。提升免疫力,有助調節新陳代謝。
  3. 減少腎臟負擔:鹽麴內的鹽分和鈉含量較食鹽低,同時亦不會減低料理味道,是代替鹽的一個好選擇。