August 11th, 2020 - Introducing a few new items, update on uni prices, and new delivery fee.

Hope everyone is enjoying a safe and active summer. 😎Stepping into August we have a few new items available and some seasonal changes on existing items.
Uni officially entering into the spawning season. Japanese law prohibit uni farming in certain areas during this time of the year. Therefore, due to supply and demand the prices of uni will increase up until late November and it will rise again in December for the holiday season. So for these reasons, uni prices on our website have been adjusted accordingly. By mid-late January prices will be back to normal until July except during certain festivals and holidays.
We are currently working on getting some Fresh Shirasu(シラス) & Chirimen Jako (ちりめんじゃこ) in 300g boxes direct from fish farmers on Awaji Island, Japan. The Shirasu will have a very short expiry date! Yes they are that fresh! We are also refilling our supplies of our Awaji Island preserved wakame seaweed.
Shirasu - boiled and 50% of water remain on fish
Chirimen Jako - Exactly the same fish as shirasu but with 25% water remaining on fish. Therefore they have a longer expiry date and can be stored in the fridge longer. Perfect to go with rice and make omelette or appetizer etc.

Hokkaido Furano Melon (富良野メロン) - Melon season is here! They usually go from July to October! We will be receiving some samples shortly and will keep you posted.

Boiled Octopus Sashimi (茹でタコ) - Pre boiled and ready to serve! All you need to do is slice it up! They are truly one of a kind!!

Shiso Leaves(大葉) & Japanese Ginger Myoga(ミョウガ) are now available to order!

Who likes cold noodles in the summer? We now have Inaniwa Udon(稲庭うどん), Green Tea Soba(茶そば), and Buckwheat Noodle(蕎麦) available!

We’re now taking orders for Aug 22nd delivery and the order cut off date is Tuesday Aug 18th at noon.

After some consideration we’ve decided to make some changes to our delivery options. There will now be a flat rate of $8.00 delivery fee or free delivery for orders over $99.00.

Feel free to let us know if there is any question or concern you may have.

As always, thank you for your support!!