Dec 06th, 2020 - Holiday Gift Set is here! Also some information from our partner fish farm in Japan

Happy Holidays from Fukuya Foods!

Stepping into December it’s time to prepare for the holiday season! If you have been thinking about trying our Japanese imports or simply thinking of a holiday gift for another family, timing can't be better! We have a special gift set for yourself OR for another family you love for the month of December! Just let us know where to go at check-out and we can deliver to any address from Horseshoe Bay to Surrey!!!
Holiday Gift Set 2020: 
Japan Unagi Kabayaki 120g x 1 
Japan Unagi Shirayaki 120g x 1
Premium Hokkaido Scallop 1kg x 1 (top sashimi grade)
Premium Hokkaido Ikura 80g cup x 1 (new item)
Tamaruya Wasabi Tube 130g x 1
Yamasa Premium Sashimi Soy Sauce 200mL x 1
Vankoji Shoyu Koji & Garlic Koji 1of each
Coconama Handmade Chocolate Cup Mango and Matcha 1 of each
All for Only $199.99!!
***During this tough time some Canadians are struggling to put food on the table. Since we are in the food business it makes sense to give back to the community in the form of food. For every Holiday gift set order, we will donate $10.00 to Greater Vancouver Food Bank. What's better than enjoying quality food from Japan and knowing you are doing it for a good cause!
We would like to take this opportunity to let you know all of our sashimi grade Buri, Kanpachi, Hamachi, Shima Aji are fish farm(HACCP certified) direct. When you place an order through us, then we forward your order to our partner fish farm. The fish farm then process the fish from live, debone, then vacuum sealed.  You are guarantee to receive the freshest possible from us.  After receiving the package all you need to do is slice and enjoy no other work is needed!!   If around 1kg is too much for you, split it with a friend or family! You can also freeze what you cannot finish within 2 days and make cook dishes!