Jan 24th, 2021 - More varieties of fish & seafood available!!

Although new year has past. You can always enjoy pre made or home made Kazunoko 数の子 at home!
Pre made - ready to eat
Home made - Culinary use! Sky is the limit!
Kazunoko is one of the popular dishes in Osechi Ryori (おせち料理), the Japanese New Year food. What is Kazunoko? It’s herring roe that’s marinated in dashi soy sauce seasoning. As Kazunoko symbolizes many children and prosperous family, this rare and expensive delicacy is considered an important part of Osechi. Perfect to go with other roe(ikura) with hot Japanese rice! 😋
This week we have brought in a few new items from Japan. After some taste testing the following products are good and ready to serve! 😋😄
We've always want to find a really good Hokkaido Tarako 北海道鱈魚子 now we've found one! It's made and prepared in Hokkaido! Perfect to go with Japanese rice! 😋 Previously they were either too salty or they didn't taste good.
Shime Saba 日本醋鯖魚!! We're previously tried a few brands but they were not good enough and we've finally found a good one! This particular company makes nothing but Shime Saba! Please give it a try! 😋
We've also found a producer in Hokkaido they make nothing but marinated fish for grilling / bbq! They have anything from Miso 味噌漬, Saikyo miso 西京漬 , Sake Kasu 酒粕漬, Shoyu Kombe 昆布醤油漬 etc all kinds of marinade and their quality of ingredients are superb! During the tasting process our kids won't stop ask for more 🐟 ! 😋😀
We've hand picked a few items more selection will be available soon!
Kombu Shoyu Menuke Fish 2pcs 昆布醤油目抜魚
Miso Marinated Gin Hirasu 2pc 銀鰤鯧味噌漬
Sake Kasu Sablefish 2pcs 銀鱈酒粕漬
Miso Marinated Sablefish 2 pcs 銀鱈味噌漬
Saikyo Yaki Saba 2pcs 鯖魚西京漬
Hokkaido Sake Kasu Wild Salmon Belly 400g 北海道野生三文魚腩酒粕漬
Please let us know if there are any question you may have!