July 20th, 2020 - Live Abalone, Live Turban Shell and Mantis shrimp is on the Menu!

After sampling various sizes and options of live abalone and turban shell we are very happy with the freshness and quality of both items and they are now available for ordering! We also like how versatile they are. We have tried sashimi, hotpot, grilled and BBQ. The possibilities are endless. We have various sizes to choose from according to your preference. As usual, Tuesdays at noon is the cut off time to order and will arrive Friday evenings and will be delivered on Saturdays!

BBQ with wine and soy sauce


Our supplier also suggested Mantis Shrimp on the menu so we gave it a try! It was fresh, tender and sweet! The texture is between crab and shrimp! They are perfect to eat with rice or make sushi with it! Due to the fact that mantis shrimps do go stale very quickly after removing them from the water. So they have to be cooked and processed live to maintain freshness!

Mantis Shrimp processing and sushi making