July 8th, 2020 - Continuing our July Promo! Added Sea Grapes and Ensui Uni to our regulars! :)

Hello everyone. In the upcoming weeks there will be a lot of new items coming our way so please stay put!  
We're now accepting orders for Saturday July 18th and Monday July 20th Delivery. We will continue our July sale on the Hokke Fish, Menuke Fish & our Tako Sashimi. Unfortunately our popular item Salted Salmon Belly is completely sold out and new stock will arrive late July early August.  A friendly reminder that last day to order Sea grapes, Uni, Ikura & Japanese Fresh Water Crab is Tuesday July 14th at noon.  Everything else is by the end of day.  
It is a Japanese custom to eat unagi in summer as it is thought to provide stamina in the hot months. We were so excited to finally have found a good tasting Unagi that is prepared, processed, and packaged in Japan after a few product sampling. However, as it is also unagi season in Japan we are not able to secure a good inventory of it so we will have to postpone till early August. Will sure keep you posted as soon as it becomes available. We’ve also added a few new items and made some changes to our existing items.

1. Lightly Salted Half Side Wild Salmon - Best from Sanriku Coast in Japan. They are known for their fresh seafood like salmon, scallop, oyster and seaweed!

2. Sea Grapes - Due to popular demand we are adding this to our regular item! We love it too and will be creating more dishes with it!

3. Ensui Uni - The most fresh tasting uni you will ever have! Might not be available every week depending on demand in Japan. You might not get the same brand each time due to what’s available at the market but we will guarantee to get you a quality product!

4. Hokke Fish - Our supplier has switched brands with a new packaging! The new Hokke taste even better and more fresh than before please refer to the photos.

5. Regular and Premium Uni - We have got a few inquiries that 250g is a bit much for some to consume. Therefore we’ve added 100g as an option on both the regular and premium.

6. Sea Bream Sashimi - Unfortunately this is also out of stock until at least August. Will keep you posted when it becomes available.