June 24th, 2020 - New Monday delivery! New arrivals! Changes to existing items!

For the month of July we would like to promote a healthy diet! Varieties of fish should be on our dinning table on a regular basis! :)  There’s a 10% off on the Hokke Fish, Shio Koji Menuke Fish along with our new addition Salted Salmon Belly!   

Delivery - We also added Monday as a delivery day.  If we have enough interest we will keep the Mondays delivery along with Saturday from now on.  Any suggestion or recommendation would be appreciated. 

One thing we would like to mention is that our preserved & dried wakame seaweed is running low and we are currently placing a new order. However due to the current pandemic the cost of logistics is going up significantly. 😞There will be a price adjustment accordingly on these items in the very near future. So if you like it get it while I can still sell it at current price!

New arrivals!

  1. Salted Salmon Belly 日式鹽醃三文魚腩 - baked, pan seared, bbq up to you!  
  2. Sea Bream Sashimi 薄切鯛魚刺身 - One of the best tasting fish in Japan!
  3. Japanese Grated Yam 日式山藥泥 - One of the most loved healthy Japanese rice dish! 
  4. Nattoya Organic Natto 四國松山有機納豆 - Another most loved healthy Japanese rice dish!
  5. Yamasa Organic Gulten Free Soy Sauce 無麩質醬油

Changes to existing items: 

  1. Unfortunately we have to let go of our Turban shell sashimi due to quality issues.  We are currently working with our supplier to find a better source for it.  
  2. We have also added a 100g pack of Bonito flakes along with 500g