March 28th 2021 - More seasonal items available! Please don't miss this opportunity!

Good morning on a beautiful Sunday! 🙂
Toyama Boiled Firefly Squid 350g 富山水煮螢火蟲魷魚
  • Seasonal item from Japan. Pre boiled and ready to eat! The origin is Toyama Prefecture as this is the area known to produce the tastiest and biggest hotaru ika! Please keep in mind this will be a market price item and now it's consider low! The price were around $60.00/tray when season just started!
Toyoma Fresh Firefly Squid 富山新鮮螢火蟲魷魚
  • Fresh and raw! For Culinary use! Be as creative as you want! We do not recommend consuming raw. (Unless directed by a professional)
Fresh Japanese Shirasu 日本新鮮吻仔魚
  • One of a kind sashimi style Shirasu! Our favourite is to add as topping on Japanese rice with ponzu, grated ginger, green onion & raw egg yolk if that's your thing! They do spoiled quickly so please consume within the first 2 days upon receiving.
Hokkaido "Mejika" Half Side Chum Salmon 北海道野生目近鮭魚半身
  • "Mejika" is Chum Salmon that have come back for spawning and are caught in a fixed shore net about 25-60 days away from spawning. The body is soft and round, and also nice and fatty in preparation for spawning. We have tried it on a few occasion it is tastier and fatter then regular chum salmon. They come pre sliced so you can just defrost and cook what you need! 🙂
Awaji Island Peeled Dried Shrimp 淡路島無殼蝦乾
  • A small size snack or for culinary use. Awaji Island is well known to produce one of the best dried shrimp in Japan. Once you opened the package you can smell the scent of the ocean!
Unagi Kabayaki Sauce 日式蒲燒醬汁
  • Sweet, savory, and full of flavor, this delicious Unagi Sauce or Eel Sauce is the dream sauce for unagi and BBQ dishes! Think grilled meat, grilled fish, grilled tofu, grilled mushrooms, and grilled rice ball (Yaki Onigiri).
Also the following out of stock items are now restocked and ready! Sorry for the long wait!
Okinawa Preserved Sea Grapes 沖繩海葡萄 (both sizes are now available!)
Maruyo Shime Saba 日本醋鯖魚
Hokkaido Notsuke Sashimi Scallop 1pc 北海道野付半島刺生元貝一粒
Pickled Nori (Tsukudani) 淡路島日式海苔酱
Awaji Island Sun Dried Octopus 淡路名産 天然日乾八爪魚