Oct 12th, 2020 - Japan farmed and produced Unagi has arrived! More seafood from Awaji Island & Hokkaido!

We're very excited to introduce our first Japan farmed and produced Unagi!  To be very honest this is the first time we've tried a real Japanese domestic Unagi and this is also the first time I tasted charcoal in it that tells me this is the real deal!  No fishy taste no weird after taste! The bones are also less noticeable too! They are 200g each which is actually considered big for an Unagi. They all come with 2 bags of sauce and 2 bags of sansho powder (山椒粉). They are now available to order from our website! 10% off for the month of October!

A friend of ours has introduced us to a fisherman located at Wakkanai, Hokkaido.  So now we're getting fresh fish directly from the source!  Northern Hokkaido is known for the clean cold water in the region so all the seafood there taste cleaner and fresher.

1. Hokkaido Wild Salmon Slices 北海道野生鮭魚片 - Be as creative as you want! Grilled, pan seared, bbq or marinate it with our Shio Koji selection!

2. Hokkaido Wild Salmon Collar 北海道野生三文魚鮫 - It has to be the best part of the salmon. The gelatinous, cartilage-covered crannies of the fish head, the fatty butters of the salmon belly!

3. Hokkaido Hokke Fish 北海道産𩸽魚 - This is our family’s favorite! It is a very big fish! Tender and tasty! Place the fish flesh side up and broil for 10-15 minutes that's it! Enough for a family of 4 adults!

4. Hokkaido Karei fish 2pcs 北海道産宗八鰈 - Please see the photos on our website! We pan seared then added soy sauce and sugar! Fresh tasting guarantee! We loved the texture of the fish.

5. Hokkaido Saffron Cod 北海道特產冰下魚 - BBQ or grilled! If you enjoy fish with a firm texture this is for you! Try it with mayonnaise with some chili powder just like how the Japanese do it! Good with rice or beer!

We've also brought in a few new traditional items from Awaji Island along with a few new seafood options! 

1. Awaji Island Chirimen Jako 淡路島日乾吻仔魚Chirimen ちりめん (Pronounce chi-li-men) Baby Sardine is a classic Japanese preserved food that makes the best companion to rice.  Rich in calcium, protein and iron.

2. Awaji Island Ikanago no Kugini 淡路島釘煮玉筋魚 - It is an old-fashioned local dish comprising of 2 - 4cm long ikanago (sand lance) that’s been simmered in sugar, soy sauce, mirin (sweet wine for cooking), and ginger.

3. Awaji Island Chirimen Tsukudani 淡路島佃煮小白魚乾 Rich in calcium, protein and iron.  Deliciously crunchy and addicting, you can also enjoy it as a topping on rice, tofu, or just as a simple snack with sake!

4. Awaji Island Chirimen Sansho 淡路島山椒小白魚乾 Chirimen sansho is produced by simmering chirimen jako (dried young sardines) and sansho (Japanese peppercorn) berries in soy sauce.  It is prepared by slowly simmering baby sardines in soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. 

5. Tazukuri Candied Sardines 日式蜜汁小魚乾 - Tazukuri is a very popular dish for Osechi Ryori and it is made of roasted baby sardines coated in a sweet soy sauce glaze. Cooked in low heat over a frying pan with sesame seeds, these baby sardines are then tossed in sake, soy sauce, sugar, and honey until caramelized and crispy.

6. Mirin BBQ Japanese Swordfish 淡路島味醂烤太刀魚 - For mirin BBQ swordfish, syrup, mirin, sugar, and salt, along with other ingredients are mixed together to form a marinade for the fish.  Slightly warm it up and enjoy with steaming hot rice, or enjoy with sake!

7. Japanese Eel Anago 淡路産穴子魚 - Because anago is always cooked, it tastes very much like any other cooked barbecue fish. With the rice, which is usually a tad larger than other nigiri, it can feel very filling. 

8. Wild Sea Bass Fillet 淡路島日本真鱸 - Japanese sea bass have shiny white flesh with an easily recognizable, broad-flaked structure and a mild flavor. They have traditionally been one of the most popular targets for Japanese anglers.

9. Wild Sea Bream Fillet 淡路島野生鯛魚片 - Sea Bream is much loved in Japan as it is a symbol of celebration (Tai in Japanese), you will always find sea bream at special occasions like weddings.

10. Pickled Nori (Tsukudani) 淡路島日式海苔酱Tsukudani is usually seafood or seaweed strongly flavored with Soy Sauce.  Tsukudani made from Nori seaweed is one of the most popular ones. 

11. Awaji Island Preserved Wakame Seaweed Stems 淡路島鹽醃裙帶菜莖 - Wakame stems are a healthy food with high nutrition and little calories.  I am sure you will become addicted to it's crunchy texture.  Enjoy it in salad or slice it up and add it as a topping on noodle soup!