Sept 12th, 2020 - More varieties of seafood arrived in Vancouver!

For the month of September we’re bringing in a few new items!

If you enjoyed our famous Mentaiko 明太子 but can’t share with the kids because it is spicy we now have Tarako 鱈魚子 which is exactly the same thing but non spicy! They are from the same producer and you are guaranteed to get a good product.  Not ready to commit to 500g or 1kg?  No problem!  Starting from next week there will be 100g sample packs available on both products!

Japanese Horse Mackerel “Aji” 日本竹筴魚 is now available!  This is a very popular fish on the Japanese daily menu. Aji can be caught and enjoyed throughout the seasons!

Japanese Sea Bass 日本真鱸 has arrived!  Suzuki fish has a firm and chewy texture with a wonderful sweet flavor.  It is highly versatile. It can be grilled, pan seared, baked and steamed!

Kinmedai Fish 日本紅金眼鯛 is the Japanese name for these red fish with large eyes!  It has a fairly high fat content and balanced flavor.  It is also highly versatile and it can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Japanese Karei fish 日式醬油鰈魚 is a kind of flat, tasty white fish; “nitsuke” is a popular simmering technique used in many Japanese dishes which infuses the main ingredients with soy sauce and sugar.  It is perfect for a quick easy meal!

Nagarami Sea Snails 日本小海螺 The taste is like a turban shell with a slight sweetness and solf like abalone!  There’s no bitter taste in the liver.  If you enjoy shellfish do give this a try! Steam or boiled for 3 minutes and that's it!  Serve with wasabi and soy sauce up to you!