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Awaji Island Dried Shrimp 淡路島有殻蝦乾

Awaji Island Dried Shrimp 淡路島有殻蝦乾

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殻付き干し海老 (淡路産)


Dried shrimp is a very common ingredient in Asian cuisine.  These dried shrimp are caught from in a natural environment on the surrounding area from Awaji Island, Japan.  It can be flavoring for soup (miso soup) & seafood dishes you name it!  You can even just simply peel off the skin and eat it as snack!  You can smell the aroma from the shrimp as soon as you open the package!

淡路島蝦乾,生長及捕獲於淡路島近海。捕獲後用清水煮然後再曬乾,所以味道較為清香。 別小看蝦米比牛奶高9倍鈣 兼冇激素即捕即曬,含有啖啖海水味! 蝦皮的鈣質比牛奶、紫菜、海帶還要高,是值得推界的補鈣佳品,而且鮮味十足,煮法百變。
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