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Cured Mackerel (Shime saba) 日本醋醃鯖魚

Cured Mackerel (Shime saba) 日本醋醃鯖魚

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スーパーとろしめさば まさば(国産)


Shime saba is a popular Japanese dish made from marinated mackerel, typically Pacific mackerel.  It is often served as a type of sashimi or sushi and is known for its distinctive flavor and preparation method.

Shime saba has a distinctive taste that is both savory and slightly tangy due to the vinegar marinade. The vinegar also helps cut through the fish's natural oiliness, making it less fishy and more palatable. The result is a refreshing and balanced flavor with a hint of sweetness from the sugar used in the marinade.


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