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Uppuruicho Wild Dried Nori Seaweed 十六島天然日乾紫菜

Uppuruicho Wild Dried Nori Seaweed 十六島天然日乾紫菜

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Nori is considered one of the most domesticated of the Asian seaweed varieties. Extensively cultivated for centuries by the Japanese using traditional methods, most seaweed today is now ocean farmed on a much larger scale. The marine algae is still a common everyday Japanese food incorporated into various dishes, but is most predominantly used for sushi making, topping on ramen noodle, miso soup and such! 


紫菜是一種常見的日常日本食品,適合用於各種菜餚中,佃煮,拉麵、味噌湯等!紫菜多以乾燥的型態販售,除了有一條條的乾燥紫菜絲,能夠用來煮紫菜蛋花湯、或是泡發後瀝乾煎蛋等;將紫菜經過曬乾、烘烤後壓成片狀 。通常紫菜要在強勁的季風吹襲及海浪拍打下才會長得好,若冬季不夠寒冷或低溫期太短,或是風浪不夠大,紫菜不易附著礁岩壁。

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