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Sun Dried Sakura Shrimp 静岡日乾櫻花蝦

Sun Dried Sakura Shrimp 静岡日乾櫻花蝦

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乾燥桜えび (駿河湾産)


Caught from deep sea.  Only whole, sashimi-grade sakura ebi is selected. High nutrition value and a good source of natural calcium.  Using traditional sun dried technique to preserve the aroma, colour and natural sweetness.  These deliciously sweet Sakura Ebi has a light crispy texture, and can be added to pasta, salad and topping on your daily dishes.  They can also be used in okonomi-yaki and deep-fried dishes.

櫻花蝦是一種身形細小的海蝦,長大後約 2公分長,活時,呈透明粉紅色,在海中大群出現,發亮的身體像櫻花瓣小巧玲瓏,故有櫻花蝦之稱,被視為珍貴漁穫,不論口感及營養價值都是上乘之選。 它含高鈣、磷、粗蛋白質、甲殼素、蝦紅素等營養成分,是小孩及長者最佳天然鈣的攝取來源,亦是女性美容及產婦的最佳營養補給品。

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