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Freeze Dried Yuzu Zest 冷凍乾燥柚子皮

Freeze Dried Yuzu Zest 冷凍乾燥柚子皮

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フリーズドライゆず皮 (四国産)


Yuzu is a citrus that originated in Asia, and is essential for making Japanese food. The fruit resembles a small grapefruit and its peel can be used as much as its juice. Acid and slightly bitter, its appreciated for its intense floral aroma that recalls at once lemon and mandarin orange.  In Japan, it’s used as much in vegetable dishes as it is fish, or even for flavoring miso soup. 

The dried Yuzu zest is used in essentially the same manner as lemon zest: salad dressing, marinade, soup, seafood, salmon tartare, etc. It’s also great in cakes, creams, and desserts of all kinds.

100% 日本產柚子皮,嚴選日本四國地區所產柚子,無添加或色素,用途廣泛。柚子皮可加入湯汁、冷麵飯食、輕食沙拉、生魚片、茶碗蒸等各式料理中,也可用來做肉類去膻的辛香料,口感清爽又能增添料理香氣。

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