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Fresh Japanese Bluefish (Kuromutsu) 新鮮黒鯥

Fresh Japanese Bluefish (Kuromutsu) 新鮮黒鯥

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Kuromutsu (Blue Fish) is available mostly throughout the year. It is caught on the coastline of Japan and enjoyed as nigiri and poached. It is considered the "chu-toro" of the mutsu family.  In Japanese cuisine, kuromutsu is popularly served grilled (yakimono), simmered (nimono), or as a component in sushi and sashimi dishes. Its high-fat content and moist, delicate flesh contribute to its distinctive and delightful taste.  Due to its desirability and limited availability, kuromutsu is considered a premium fish, and it is sometimes referred to as the "black diamond" of the sea.


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