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Hamamori Sea Salt Ponzu 浜守海鹽柑橘醋 (Exp Dec, 2023)

Hamamori Sea Salt Ponzu 浜守海鹽柑橘醋 (Exp Dec, 2023)

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This popular Japanese citrus sauce infused with sea salt is an all-purpose condiment that will bring life and flavor to a wide variety of foods!  Use it as a marinade, for dipping, for sprinkling over your food, as a vinaigrette for salads and veggies, and as a stir-fry sauce!

  • As a Dipping Sauce – use it for sashimi, shabu-shabu, steamed dumplings, gyoza and more
  • As a Marinade –  for fish, seafood, steak, chicken and pork
  • In a Salad Dressing – use it to make a vinaigrette for your leafy greens
  • As a Finishing Sauce – add to stir-fries, vegetables, cold noodles, tofu, brush over sushi, serve with tataki (lightly grilled fish or meat), or sprinkle over your entrée and side dish


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