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Dried Horse Mackerel (Aji) 竹筴魚一夜乾

Dried Horse Mackerel (Aji) 竹筴魚一夜乾

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アジ干物 マアジ(長崎県産)



Aji, horse mackerel is a silver-skinned fish and very popular for Japanese' daily meal.  Aji can be caught throughout the seasons, especially putting on fat from March to August.  Dried aji can be used for many dishes.  Grilled or deep-fried horse mackerel is usually eaten as lunch or dinner at some Japanese restaurants. Soft texture of aji fish with crispy coating is very tasty!   Grill or broil until well browned.

日本竹筴魚, 又稱真鰺或池魚,是日本全國各地不管什麼季節都能捕獲到的魚類。具有來自蛋白質的濃郁風味的竹莢魚,可以做成簡單的鹽燒、魚乾、和油炸物等,以各種烹調方法品嘗。放進烤箱10分鐘後就可以上菜。 

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