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Kyoto Mibuna Mustard Greens 新鮮京都壬生菜

Kyoto Mibuna Mustard Greens 新鮮京都壬生菜

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It is said that Mibuna was naturally produced as hybrids in the 1800s, from Mizuna plant and was largely produced in Central Kyoto, near where it is known today as Mibudera Temple. It is characterized by its long thin leaves, shaped like a spatula. They were originally sold in large stocks, but similar to Mizuna, shipments in small stocks increased all around the year. With a mild mustard aroma, it was added in Kyoto pickles a long time ago and has been handled as a luxury food item ever since. It can be used in various ways, such as for fried or boiled foods, marinated or in salads. Vitamin C and fiber richness are among the features of the Kyoto Mibuna plant.

又稱為水菜的兄弟,1800 年左右開始在京都市中京區的壬生寺附近多處栽種,因此得名。味道清爽又有獨特香味,用途豐富,可生吃或搭配油豆腐翻炒或燉煮,也能作為火鍋食材。也適合製成京都著名的醃菜,壬生菜的淺漬(又稱一夜漬)尤其聞名,而且有強烈的辛香。

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