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Kyoto Mizuna Mustard Greens 新鮮京都水菜

Kyoto Mizuna Mustard Greens 新鮮京都水菜

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京都のみず菜は千筋京みず菜ともいわれ、葉柄が繊細で細く白く、葉の緑とのコントラストが実に美しい野菜です。一株で4kgを超えるような大きなものが多かったのですが、最近では小株のうちに早取りされた小袋みず菜が人気を呼んでいます。 軟らかく、かつシャキシャキとした歯ざわりの「京みず菜」は、鍋ものはもちろん、サラダ感覚で周年味わえる現在の京野菜の代表選手となっています。

Kyo Mizuna is soft, and crisp and is naturally suitable for hot pot dishes, but also good for salads. It represents one of Kyoto’s vegetables (Kyo-Yasai), which can be enjoyed all year round. It has deep-cut leaves as its main characteristic. Mizuna is believed to have been cultivated in Kyoto since before the Edo period, as records of “Yoshufushi” Magazine report that is was cultivated around Toji Temple and Kujo neighborhood. Kyoto’s Mizuna is also called, Sensuji Mizuna. It has very thin, delicate, white leaf stalks, which contrasts beautifully with the green.  


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