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Lake Shinji Mosa Shrimp Sashimi (mosaebi) 宍道湖猛者海老刺身

Lake Shinji Mosa Shrimp Sashimi (mosaebi) 宍道湖猛者海老刺身

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モサエビ (幻の海老) 島根県産



In Tottori Prefecture, “mosaebi” Japanese black prawns are caught by off shore bottom-net fishing from September to May.  The armor-like shell and dull coloring may not be as attractive as other types of sweet shrimp, but the firm texture and flavor of the raw meat are just as delightful.   As sashimi, mosaebi has firmer meat than the Alaskan pink shrimp and sweeter then "amaebi" sweet shrimps.  Some say that it even tastes more like crab when cooked.  You can make miso soup with mosa shrimp, wakame seaweed and tofu.  Another popular recipe is “salt-grilled shrimp” which is a simple dish that is sprinkled with sea salt then grilled.
「猛者海老」在鳥取縣當地才能品嘗的到的獨特大蝦。別看猛者海老的顏色怪怪的,又或被那綠色的膏嚇怕,其實十分甘甜又有彈力,試一口你便會愛上! 猛者海老刺身比甜蝦更肉質結實,而且甜味和好吃的程度絕對是無可挑剔。猛者蝦味噌湯加上海帶和豆腐充分呈現猛者蝦甜味。
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