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Wild Bluefin Tuna 野生藍鰭金槍魚 (Please see description)

Wild Bluefin Tuna 野生藍鰭金槍魚 (Please see description)

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Bluefin Tuna is a big fish the smallest cut (Harakami / Haranaka) is approximately 4kg and it will take a few individuals to split the entire block.  Once we have enough interest we will place the order.  Since Wild Bluefin tuna is auctioned and seasonal, prices will fluctuate according to market availability.  The following are the appx price of each cut.  If you are interested, please get in touch with us directly or simply add it to your cart along with your other items.   The demand for authentic wild bluefin tuna is high and, when coupled with a limited supply, prices are 2-3 times higher than the farmed counterpart. 

Minimum order of each cut is 200g (2-3 adults), we can customize the portion to your needs.  Example: 300g chutoro

Otoro 大トロ $749.99 - $949.99/kg  
Chutoro 中トロ $649.99 - $849.99/kg
Akami 赤身 $549.99 - $749.99/kg

The flavour is king! Farmed tuna has an overly rich taste compared to wild tuna, stating that it has less umami and the quality of the fat on the meat is looser.  Wild tuna, on the other hand, is fuller in its umami and has a more balanced and refined fat content. These differences have to do with the diet of the fish.  In farms, the tuna are fed fats and proteins to increase their weight gain, while in the wild tuna eat squid and other fish resulting in different flavour profiles.  Tuna is a migratory fish, so it naturally swims across great distances.  Farmed tuna lives in a restricted quarter so they have less exercise thus flavour is also reduced.

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