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Beni (Red) Madonna Mikan 愛媛果紅麥當娜

Beni (Red) Madonna Mikan 愛媛果紅麥當娜

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紅まどんなは、ゼリーのような柔らかい身がピッチリ詰まっていますので、手で剥くと実が崩れやすく、ナイフでカットした方が食べやすいです。果肉は柔らかで、お口の中でとろける美味しさ。上品な甘みと、口に広がる爽やかな香り、食感の不思議さと相まって、「今」を代表するシトラスとなりました。また、ハウス栽培でしか栽培が出来ず(露地栽培だと果肉が硬くなり、いい特徴が出ない)、12月限定のシトラスなので、プレゼント、パーティーのデザートに最適です。 愛媛県限定で期間限定の紅まどんな。

Beni-Madonna is often compared to jelly, for its delicate texture, strong sweetness and juiciness. A precious gem that is only available for one month out of the year, it kicks off the Japanese orange season in November, and is a popular year-end gift due to its size and beautiful shape. It was developed in Ehime in 2005, and is often served as cut wedges as its skin is not easy to peel.  Because of their delicate, thin peel, they're carefully grown indoors with bags over them to keep the rain off. "Beni Madonna" is a registered trademark of the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations.


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