Fresh Hokkaido Uni 新鮮北海道海膽

*Seafood availability and prices changes daily according to the market.  We will do our very best to notify you if there are any changes after your order is placed.

All of our uni from Japan are auctioned.  Therefore you will not receive the same brand each time.  But we can guarantee you will always get a quality product from us.

Like any premium product, Uni is priced based on how it is graded. This is especially true for Uni headed to the Toyosu Market.  Each Uni can earn one of four grades: AA (Gokujo), AA(Tokujo) A+ (Nami), and A(Yasu). While this grading is highly subjective, Like the 3C’s in diamond, each Uni s graded based on about 3 major indicators

  • Initial Appearance
  • Shape
  • Color

As mentioned above, our Uni auctioneers have years of experience in grading Uni and won many high-price Uni for decades. They will ensure you receive the best quality of Uni available in the market on the auction date.