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Hokkaido Murasaki Uni 北海道紫海膽

Hokkaido Murasaki Uni 北海道紫海膽

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Due to the fact that our uni from Japan are auctioned.  Therefore you will not receive the same brand each time.  But we can guarantee you will always get a quality product from us.

Murasaki uni is one the most common type available in Japan. It comes from a dark purple sea urchin with long pointed spines. Murasaki Uni is considered a delicacy and is often served as sashimi or used as a topping for sushi, rice bowls, and other dishes. The taste of Murasaki Uni is often described as sweet, briny, and slightly nutty, with a buttery and custard-like texture.

Uni is a world-class delicacy—and one of the more unexpected foods to come from Japan. Sometimes referred to as the sea urchin’s roe, or eggs, uni is actually the creature’s gonads (reproductive glands), and the edible portion of the spiny sea urchin. Each sea urchin contains only five of these gonads, which makes it a special luxury on par with eating wagyu beef in Japan.

Uni is actually very healthy. A 100g portion of sea urchins contains appx 150 calories and very little fat. The fat is also almost all unsaturated fat. For every 100g of sea urchin, there are only 1.75 grams of polyunsaturated fat.  Sea urchins also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of an abnormal heart beat.

紫海膽比馬糞海膽淺色,呈橙黃色,橙中帶白,因顏色被日本人又叫作白海膽,於6至8月當造。相對馬糞海膽而高,其甜味較不濃烈,反而鮮中帶清,但海膽膏較大塊。海膽是一種低卡路里海鮮,根據美國卡路里計算器的資料顯示,100克的新鮮日本海膽有150卡路里,而其偶然近乎都是由 不飽和成年人所組成,這對想要控制體重或減肥的人有很大的幫助。對於日本人而言,海膽更是一種輔助性生活的天然食物,它能促進血液循環,長輩提升性愛過程中的高潮,恢復夫妻之間美好的性生活。

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