Collection: Special Gift

Premium fruits are often sold in specialty stores or at auctions in Japan, where they are showcased like luxury items. They are grown with meticulous care, ensuring exceptional quality, flavor, and appearance. This trend highlights their status and the lengths to which people will go to obtain the best.

Luxury fruits make an excellent choice for impressing someone special or celebrating significant occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower, anniversary, or any other event, they add a touch of elegance and delight.

Both individuals and businesses can use premium fruits as gifts, with companies often giving them to clients and partners as a gesture of goodwill and to strengthen professional relationships.

Out of province and out of country purchase for gifting: 
A minimum order of $200 is required for delivery service. A Vancouver delivery address is needed for payment to be processed from our website. If you do not have one, feel free to use our store address as the "delivery address" for any in-store pickup.