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Shizuoka Crown Melon 靜岡皇冠蜜瓜

Shizuoka Crown Melon 靜岡皇冠蜜瓜

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Only one fruit is harvested from one plant for Crown Melon.

“Shizuoka Crown Melon” is cultivated with sophisticated techniques of growers and grown absolutely in greenhouses. In other words, the ultimate taste of “Shizuoka Crown Melon” ,which was born by outstanding virtuosity of professionals, has been taken over from generation to generation.

Please pay attention to the best consume date that comes inside the gift box.  Push the bottom of the melon gently and if you feel slightly soft, then it has ripened well and the best time to eat it.  Melons taste even better if they are cooled in a refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours before serving.

Fuji 「富士」- It is the highest grade of Shizuoka melons in terms of appearance and sugar content. Fuji has very strict quality standards, it is very rare only 1 in a 1000.

Mountain「山」- It is the second highest grade after Fuji, and is actually consider the "highest grade" since Fuji is so rare. It is sold as the finest products in high-end fruit stores and department stores in Japan.  Physical appearance is perfect and very popular to be used a gift.

White 「白」- It is the most popular grade in Shizuoka and is a representative grade that accounts for 60% of the total production. Good physical appearance and it is also widely used as a gift.

Snow「雪」- There are some blemishes in physical appearance or with imperfect shape and mesh. It is mainly used as a commercial product such as cake store & dessert places.


山等級 僅低富士一級,外觀及肉身均屬優質蜜瓜,多出於專業級果農之手。

白等級 外觀及肉身屬標準蜜瓜,在所有出產中約佔六成,售價較相宜。

雪等級 外觀及肉身稍稍有瑕疵,主要用於蜜瓜加工產品中。

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