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Hokkaido Higashizawa Premium Murasaki Uni 東沢頂級紫海膽

Hokkaido Higashizawa Premium Murasaki Uni 東沢頂級紫海膽

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北海道東沢 330g

Uni for the Gods ! Premium Murasaki of the highest grade.  We are proud and honoured to present the highest and the most sought after uni from the Toyosu auctions and Japanese markets.

The Higashizawa Murasaki Uni is literally the most sought-after in Toyosu Market after all!  It is considered one of the highest grade of uni in the uni world. Its jaw-dropping appearance and flavour will leave you speechless and raving about it for weeks. It is an umami bomb waiting to happen.  Higashizawa uni is limited in number and rare at the markets. 


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