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Hokkaido Ensui Bafun Uni 北海道鹽水馬糞海膽

Hokkaido Ensui Bafun Uni 北海道鹽水馬糞海膽

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Since our Uni from Japan is auctioned, you may not receive the same brand each time. However, we guarantee that you will always receive a high-quality product from us.

Ensui Uni is considered one of the best way of treating Uni in the market. After the Uni is cracked open and cleaned, instead of going straight to the box, it goes into a saltwater concocted to replicate the ocean's water.  This method retains the most natural taste and texture of Uni without any preservatives or chemicals. This is as close as you get from cracking the Uni by the seaside!

市面上食到的海膽大部份都有使用明礬保鮮、只有鹽水海膽僅用海水保存,全天然無添加,最能帶出海膽原本的鮮甜味道! 吃海膽最新鮮莫過於原個即開即食。但活海膽離水後很易死亡,絕少食肆敢入貨。鹽水海膽已算極品 。所謂鹽水即海水。工人清潔海膽後,以海水浸着再包裝。由於保存期只有兩三天。在日本,只有高級料理店才供應鹽水海膽。

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