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Boiled Firefly Squid (Hotaru ika) 水煮螢火蟲魷魚

Boiled Firefly Squid (Hotaru ika) 水煮螢火蟲魷魚

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Firefly Squid (Hotaru Ika) get their name for the vibrant blue glow they brandish during spawning season. This enchanting sight in the sea heralds springtime in Japan, when these tiny little squid will adorn high-end menus for the season. Typically just two or three inches long, Hotaru Ika are often eaten raw, but are also delicious when marinated and grilled.  Our Hotaru Ika arrived cooked, ready to serve as-is or amenable to further preparation.

Due to the richer natural resources and deep water in the Toyama Prefecture 富山, the Hotaru Ika in this region is tastier, richer in flavor and bigger in size.  For these reasons, Hotaru Ika from Toyama region is consider a premium product with limited availability thus fluctuating market price.  Every year fishing ban on the Toyama firefly squid is lifted from March 1st and goes until end of June.  


螢光魷魚來自兩個產地,體積最細的是兵庫縣螢光魷魚。最大的是富山灣螢光魷魚,前者供應期到 5 月,後者供應至 6 月。兩款魷魚略有差別,富山灣由於水深且含豐富礦物質,所產的魷魚特別大隻,最大特點是甜度高。有生熟兩款,建議生食前先去除內臟及魷魚眼睛,減少腥味再煮,生熟兩款均可以酢味噌煮,另可以「甘辛煮」方式炮製配飯吃,亦可做魷魚天婦羅,煮法多變化。而兵庫縣螢光魷魚甜度較低,口味較清,多數用來製作罐頭或螢光魷魚乾,打開包裝便可直接食用。

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