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Awaji Island Boiled Shirasu (Fishermen Direct) 淡路島香甜吻仔魚

Awaji Island Boiled Shirasu (Fishermen Direct) 淡路島香甜吻仔魚

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釜揚げシラス  淡路島漁師直売


Shirasu is a Japanese word that typically refers to the boiled and partially dried fry of sardine. The tiny little fish are popular as a topping on rice. To be considered shirasu, the fish should be less than 2cm in length. The term is used almost exclusively to refer to sardine fry, however, the word can also be used more broadly to refer to the fry of herring, sweetfish, conger eel, and others as well.  Defrost to room temperature and it's ready to serve! Do not soak or wash.


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