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Simmered Sardines (chirimen tsukudani) 淡路島佃煮小白魚

Simmered Sardines (chirimen tsukudani) 淡路島佃煮小白魚

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ちりめん佃煮 (淡路産)


One of Awaji Island's famous item.  Our supplier has been in business for 6 generations! 

Chirimen tsukudani is prepared by slowly simmering baby sardines in soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. The liquid is cooked down until fully absorbed.  This simple method locks in the flavors and conserves the nutritional value of the food naturally.  Rich in calcium, protein and iron.  Deliciously crunchy and addicting, you can also enjoy it as a topping on rice, tofu, or just as a simple snack with sake!

津津有味的美食,用上等醬汁熬煮到收乾並滲入到魚肉中,經過多道繁雜的程序,緊緊鎖住甜味,所以連骨頭都可以吞下去! 味道甘甜、酥脆爽口、風味獨特、愈嚼愈香甜,停不下來的鮮甜滋味!非常適合大人、小孩拌飯或當作零嘴食用,更是絕妙的下酒佳餚!  含豐富蛋白質、鈣,好健康,活力滿點。

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