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Chojiro Wasabi Grater 長次郎山葵研磨器

Chojiro Wasabi Grater 長次郎山葵研磨器

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かつて江戸時代末期、本鮫皮を鋲で止めた匠の技を再現。 本物の料理道具へのこだわり、旨しい料理の引き立て役として、最高級本鮫の皮をかたくなにこだわって、厳選し丹念につくり上げました。きめ細かくすりおろすことができ、香りと辛さがいっそうひきたちます。

The grater is elaborately made by professionals with carefully selected top-quality sharkskin. It can grate wasabi finely to enhance its flavor and sharpness. Besides wasabi, it can be used for radishes, yams, carrots, ginger, etc. Sharkskin graters can grate vegetables with their original flavor and nutrients remaining.

Quickly wash and dry it in shade after use. Soaking it in hot/cold water for extended period of time or drying it under direct sunlight may cause the sharkskin part to come off.  Avoid grating acidic foods (ex. lemons).  The sharkskin surface will absorb water and extend when used, and will shrink when dried.


說實在的,第一次用生魚片蘸著自己磨的山葵醬吃,味道是和從軟管里擠出來的芥末醬,是有點不一樣。 一個是味道比較新鮮,沒有芥末醬那種嗆人的味道;另一個就是後味有點甜的,的確是可以把生魚片的鮮美,更明顯地襯托出來。也就是說,直觀感受上,它的確是新鮮植物的味道。

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