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Daikon Radish Sprouts (Kaiware) 新鮮日本蘿蔔苗

Daikon Radish Sprouts (Kaiware) 新鮮日本蘿蔔苗

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Kaiware are sprouted daikon radish seeds which are frequently used in Asian cuisine. Use in salads, sushi and as a garnish. These radish sprouts have a very powerful radish flavor with a real peppery finish.  Kaiware sprouts can be incorporated into salads, gently combined with other lettuces as a bed of greens for seafood, lightly tossed with sesame dressing as a side dish, or used as decoration for enhanced aesthetics over crab cakes, fish, roasted meats, or vegetables. The delicate sprouts can also be hand-rolled into sushi, topped over sashimi, served with soups, layered into sandwiches, used in spring rolls, or sprinkled over stir-fries for added texture. In Japan, Kaiware sprouts are often served as an accompaniment to tempura and other deep-fried dishes as a reprieve from heavier flavors. 



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