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Dried Anchovies (Niboshi, iriko) 瀨戶內海小魚乾

Dried Anchovies (Niboshi, iriko) 瀨戶內海小魚乾

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煮干し(いりこ)  瀬戸内産

Iriko, also called niboshi in Japanese, are dried baby anchovies/sardines. They are used in making Japanese stock called Iriko Dashi or Niboshi Dashi or can be enjoyed as a snack. 

Niboshi are baby sardines that have been boiled once in salt water then dried. They vary in size from about 1.5″ to over 3″ long with the smaller ones having a milder flavor. Their bold, fishy flavor with the strong aroma is one of the key umami contributors to Japanese stocks (dashi). You can also find dried baby anchovies being used in similar manners in Korean, Chinese and South East Asian cooking. Please keep refrigerated


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