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Japanese Chrysanthemum (Kogiku) 日本食用小菊

Japanese Chrysanthemum (Kogiku) 日本食用小菊

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小菊(こぎく) 60pcs 

Fresh edible small chrysanthemum from Japan.  Kogiku is commonly seen plated on sashimi-plates in restaurants. They serve more than an aesthetic purpose.  It’s petals are often plucked and added to ones Shoyu dish.  With more than 350 variants in Japan alone, it is no wonder that Kogiku is also Japan’s national flower.

在吃日料的時候,經常會看到許多餐點會放上花花綠綠的植物點綴外觀。日式料理專家表示,這種菊花不但可以吃,還有著一套標準的吃法! 帶有苦味的花萼不要吃,一片片拔掉花瓣丟進醬油裡沾著生魚片一起吃就可以感受到香味!

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