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Fresh Bigeye Snapper (Chikame Kintoki) 新鮮日本大眼鯛 (大眼雞)

Fresh Bigeye Snapper (Chikame Kintoki) 新鮮日本大眼鯛 (大眼雞)

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Bigeye Snapper live in the Western Pacific waters and can be found along Southern Japan, Western Indonesia, and Australia.  This type of Snapper can be cooked in a variety of ways, including poached, steamed, broiled, and grilled. It has lean, firm, yet mild meat and can be served with a thin layer of its edible skin.  It is also a common cut for sushi and thin cut sashimi.

大眼鯛科,最大的特徵當然是牠特大的眼 睛,體形高而偏扁,吻短、口裂大且近乎垂 直;下頜突出,頜骨、鋤骨和顎骨均具齒。 體色鮮紅,肉質細嫩,適合煎炸或煮湯。可 以底拖網、深海一支釣及船釣等方法採獲, 漁期全年皆有,為高經濟價值的魚種。

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