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Fresh Blacktip Grouper (Akahata) 新鮮橫帶石斑魚

Fresh Blacktip Grouper (Akahata) 新鮮橫帶石斑魚

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Blacktip grouper is an expensive variety of red grouper.  It mainly habitat in the shallow to deep water of coastal reef.  It is one of the smaller specie of the grouper family only grows up to 40cm in length.  It is great for sushi, hot-pot (Shabu-sahbu), grilled, sashimi and cook (shimmer) in soy sauce and sugar.

『橫帶石斑魚』的一種,日文漢字『赤羽太』,產量稀少,屬於高經濟價值魚種。肉質鮮嫩細緻,日本處於高緯度的地理位置,寒冷的天氣,水產自然美味! 產量稀少的海味珍饈,皇帝條的外觀貌似黃袍加身,屬於極少見的高級石斑鰷類魚種。
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