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Fresh Channel Rockfish (Kinki) 新鮮喜知次

Fresh Channel Rockfish (Kinki) 新鮮喜知次

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キンキ 500g+/-


Kinki is one of the most expensive fish in Japan.  They are expensive not only because of the beautiful red color, which gives a sparkle to the market.   First, they are exceptionally fatty and juicy with exquisite and intense sweetness. The moment the juicy white flesh melts in your mouth, the sweet flavor explodes. It feels the fat content is more than the protein.  Second, the catch of the fish has been very small recently. In Japan, they can be caught only in the northern part. Hokkaido has more than half of the total catch.

The best season for Kinki is autumn to winter, before the spawning season. But you can enjoy the rich and sweet flavor all year round.  Kinki is so delicious no matter how you cook!


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