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Chicken Grunt (Isaki) 黃雞魚(伊佐木)

Chicken Grunt (Isaki) 黃雞魚(伊佐木)

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Chicken grunt(Isaki)comes into season during the summer in Japan. With every bite of the pale-pink flesh, you can enjoy its tasty fat. “Tsuyu (rainy season) Isaki” is a term that describes isaki fish caught during June and July as it becomes fattier and tastier.  As it has a large amount of fat, it is also rich in DHA and EPA, which can delay the progression of arteriosclerosis and prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

Isaki is prized as sushi and sashimi. It’s considered a shiromi, or white fish, even though its flesh is pinkish-red in color. Isaki has a firm texture, and a mild, sweet flavor.  Best suitable for various dishes such as sashimi, shimmered, and salt grilled.


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