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Bluefin Tuna Otoro/Chutoro/Akami 新鮮藍鰭金槍魚 大腹/中腹/赤身

Bluefin Tuna Otoro/Chutoro/Akami 新鮮藍鰭金槍魚 大腹/中腹/赤身

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養殖マグロ 大トロ, 中トロ, 赤身

*** Our Bluefin Tuna are freshly imported weekly and they are 100% farmed and raise in Japan.  Various different cuts and sizes also available in store. Feel free to contact us for any customized portions for your special event. ***

Otoro $59.99/100g
Chutoro $49.99/100g
Akami $39.99/100g

There are approximately 88 Bluefin Tuna farms in Japan. Our Bluefin Tuna is carefully selected based on quality and taste. It has the perfect balance of lean and fat with a melt in your mouth texture. It also has a noticeable natural Tuna flavor like no other!

Otoro - The fattiest part of the bluefin tuna is called otoro (大トロ). Otoro has a characteristic sophisticated taste and a distinctive fat marbling which makes it melt in your mouth.

Chutoro - Chutoro (中トロ) is medium-fatty tuna. Many will argue it’s the best cut from the bluefin. While not as rich as otoro, chutoro has a moderate fattiness which makes it a very popular cut.

Akami - Akami (赤身) is lean red meat. It has a mellow flavor, good umami, and a firm texture. It is the most common tuna sushi that is served in dining restaurants in Japan.

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