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Golden Sea Bream (Renkodai) 連子鯛

Golden Sea Bream (Renkodai) 連子鯛

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Tai is a firm-flesh white fish, very mild in flavor. Many find it to have a very agreeable taste, especially newcomers to fish since it does not have much “fishy” flavor. It is very lean for most of the year and only ever develops a small amount of fat in the late spring and early summer months. When enjoying as part of a Japanese style seafood dinner, it provides a clean refreshing pause from stronger-flavored neta like eel or mackerel. This fish is known to have high omega-3 fatty acids and a high omega 3 to omega 5 ratio. A delicious but also healthy addition to your dinner!⠀

「連子鯛」這品種,是鯛魚類別中較珍貴的一種;由於只可用手去釣,所以不能大量捕獲;起釣時會一條接一條的一連串釣上來,因此名為「連子鯛」。魚身顏色呈粉紅的連子鯛,肉質清爽連子鯛, 其鼻子至嘴巴部分呈黃色, 因此又稱黃鯛與真鯛相比, 連子鯛身形較細小, 皮膚較柔軟, 夏天油脂最多最肥美

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