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Fresh Yellowtail Loin (Hamachi/Buri) 日本新鮮鰤魚刺身(油甘魚)

Fresh Yellowtail Loin (Hamachi/Buri) 日本新鮮鰤魚刺身(油甘魚)

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Buri (yellowtail) is a fish found only in the seas surrounding Japan. While wild buri is a wintertime delicacy, cultivated varieties can now be consumed in the summer and fall as well thanks to advances in aquaculture. Buri also lies at the heart of a longstanding culinary tradition and ranks alongside maguro (tuna) and salmon as a popular food fish in Japan.

The fish is called by different names depending on its stage of growth.  Before becoming buri, the fish is called wakashi, inada, and warasa in eastern Japan and tsubasu, hamachi, and mejiro in western Japan.  Buri is a name reserved for fish over 80 centimeters, while hamachi is used in the west for smaller, cultivated buri.



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