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Fresh Hokkaido Scallops 北海道新鮮元貝

Fresh Hokkaido Scallops 北海道新鮮元貝

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生ほたて貝柱 500g (北海道産)

厳寒の海で育ったホタテは、身のしまりが違います!甘みが強いすぐに食べられる未冷凍のホタテの貝柱です。 新鮮獲れたてのホタテをお刺し身や帆立ご飯、ホタテバター焼等レシピの幅が広がります。

Hokkaido scallops are famous for their delicious flavour as sashimi.  Our Hokkaido scallops hail from the renowned northern Hokkaido region in Japan. This area benefits from nutrient and plankton rich water, allowing the scallops to thrive. Firm in texture, rich and sweet in flavor, these scallops won’t last long at any dinner party!


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