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Fresh Morotoge Red Shrimp (shimaebi) 新鮮縞海老

Fresh Morotoge Red Shrimp (shimaebi) 新鮮縞海老

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Morotoge shrimp is known as the “rubies of the sea”, thanks in part to the vivid red color they assume when boiled.  Although its proper name is Morotoge red shrimp, generally called as “shimaebi” due to its red tate-jima (vertical stripe) pattern.  Often caught with amaebi (sweet shrimp) and botanebi (botan shrimp), but its fish haul is relatively small.  Considered to be an expensive nigiri sushi ingredient. Its flesh has a well-balanced sweetness and fine flavor.

縞海老是日本海的三大高價生食蝦而且數量最少的。正說明了牠是一種全身帶著條紋的蝦。 就算是去了殼還是會留下條紋的顏色, 如寶石一般地美不勝收。 而縞蝦的甜味則是非常清爽口感則富有彈性。 縞蝦和甜蝦、牡丹蝦也都是日本海的三大高價生食蝦。

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