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Fresh Red Spotted Grouper (kijihata) 新鮮雉子羽太

Fresh Red Spotted Grouper (kijihata) 新鮮雉子羽太

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キジハタ 雉子羽太


Kijihata is a very delicious, mild and elegant white fish that does not lose its taste at any season and can be enjoyed all year round.  Kijihata is high in gelatin and it can be made into rich fish soup stock, which leads to delicious sakamushi (steamed with sake).  You can also enjoy kijihata by steaming, or shimmered with soy sauce and sugar.

赤點石斑魚的日文為雉子羽太,英文Redspotted Grouper,體型為石斑魚中較小的,在日本關東幾乎不見其蹤跡,代表性的產地在瀨戶內海周遭,稱為茂魚(あこう),關西有著「冬天吃河魨、夏天吃赤點石斑」一說。赤點石斑魚在台灣又俗稱紅斑,在香港則稱為海紅斑,與老鼠斑、蘇眉、青衣並稱海魚四大天王。

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