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Striped Beakfish (ishidai) 石鯛

Striped Beakfish (ishidai) 石鯛

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Ishidai is a white-fleshed fish that is highly valued at high-end restaurants and sushi restaurants. It is best enjoyed during the Summer through the Fall. Ishidai is considered a shiromi, or white fish. It has a very refreshing, sweet taste with high-fat content suitable for any cooking method, such as sashimi, simmering, and salt-grilling.

石鯛因為產量稀少、肉質鮮美,加上不容易捕獲的關係,所以被饕客們冠上夢幻之魚的美名。雖然現在已經有人成功繁殖豢養,但畢竟產量少,在市場上還是相當少見。石鯛具有皮薄、 肉質鮮嫩、富含膠質的獨特口感。肉質具有爽脆彈性,和石斑的軟嫩口感完全不同,加上成長 在低水溫的環境,油脂含量豐富。

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