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Frozen Swordtip Squid Sashimi (kensaki ika) 急凍劍尖槍烏賊

Frozen Swordtip Squid Sashimi (kensaki ika) 急凍劍尖槍烏賊

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白イカ (剣先イカ) 島根県

初夏から晩秋にかけて、夜こうこうと明るく輝く日本海の風物詩「漁り火」。この一本釣りで釣り上げられるケンサキイカを地元ではシロイカと呼びます。甘みが強く濃厚な味わいが人気の鳥取の夏を代表する味覚です。刺身をはじめ、煮付け、炒め 物等様々なお料理でご利用いただけます。

Light sparkling at night, from early summer to late autumn, “Isaribi (fishing light)” is summer’s scenic feature of the Sea of Japan. In this area, swordtip squid caught by single-hook handline fishing are called Shiroika (White squid). Their strong sweet and rich flavor is the specialty of Tottori’s summer.  Sashimi is an excellent way to experience the texture and taste. Eating it with ginger makes it even more exceptional. One of the popular ways to eat white squid is “Shiroika Don (white squid over a bowl of rice)”.  You can also enjoy them in various cooking methods such as grilled, or stir-fried.  

對於日本鳥取人來說,夏天,不可能沒有烏賊。劍尖槍烏賊又稱白烏賊,顏色會隨情緒而有所變化,有時晶瑩透白,有時又是淡淡的紫色。 新鮮的白烏賊刺身,亮白剔透、口感富有嚼勁,是最能品嘗到白烏賊鮮美的吃法。

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