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Japanese Spineless Cuttlefish (Sumi ika) 新鮮墨烏賊

Japanese Spineless Cuttlefish (Sumi ika) 新鮮墨烏賊

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This squid has got its name because it spews a good amount of ink.  Sumi () is the Japanese word for an inkstick.  Its proper name is kohika however it is more commonly known as sumi ika.  Sumi ika is highly appreciated for its voluminous and tasty meat for the preparation of sushi and sashimi. The high content of free amino acids makes the meat particularly full-bodied, umami and sweet.

墨烏賊 (すみいか Sumi Ika) 口感爽脆甘甜,從入秋開始鮮味會一步步地增強,一直到隔年的春末初夏,因此春天的墨烏賊是非常當造的。主要分布在日本關東以西、東海、南海,因為體內墨汁含量比其它墨魚更高,所以被稱為墨烏賊。肉質非常柔軟細膩,口感清爽有彈性,入口回甘,餘味無窮。

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