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Hanasaki Crab (hanasaki gani) 新鮮花咲蟹

Hanasaki Crab (hanasaki gani) 新鮮花咲蟹

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Hanasaki in Japanese means “blooming flower.” This crab is named for the vivid red color it turns as it boils, and you can see the flavor bloom as it cooks. Hanasaki is also the name of the port off the coast of Nemuro, a city in Hokkaido, where it is caught.   In addition to the excellent environmental conditions of this area, Nemuro’s Hanasaki Crabs sustain their reputation thanks to exceptionally stringent fishing regulations. Although anyone is allowed to fish for Hanasaki, only simplistic fishing equipment can be used, and all catches must be male and of a minimum size. These rules keep the waters surrounding Nemuro in good condition, and ensure that there is always sufficient population for breeding.

We ensure that the crab is alive at the time of shipping from Japan. However, due to the lengthy journey, there is a possibility that it may not arrive in a live condition.

We recommend to boil in salt water or grilled: The meat of the crab tastes sweet, and the kanimiso (crab guts) can be eaten as well. 


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